Fortune 500 Sales Pro Reveals Her 5 Step System to Win Over Skeptics and Sell Like Crazy, Even in The Most Cut-Throat Markets
THE SALES SUCCESS SYSTEM is a 5 step sales system that shares the exact strategy I’ve used to rain cash in some of the toughest industries and weakest economies.
There are two types of people in this world:
Those who work for peanuts and retire at 80…
… and those who learn how to sell.
When you can sell, you can 
write your own paycheck
  •  You get to pick and choose your employers (and get headhunted, instead of chasing down the same job that 50 other guys and gals have already applied for)
  •  You get to choose your hours (if you’re good, you can hit your weekly sales targets by Wednesday afternoon and take the rest of the week off.) 
  •  You can even start your own business selling your products and services for top dollar.
It’s a fact: When you get good at sales, you’ll never have to worry where the next paycheck is coming from.
Problem is, getting good ain't always easy…

There’s nothing more demoralizing than having a door slammed in your face… or listening to another “click” sound of a CEO hanging up on you before you can introduce yourself. 

This ruthless rejection happens every day. 

From sales reps who need to keep their jobs, to CEOs who need to pay their staff, thousands of people are struggling to make enough sales to keep their heads above water. 
The good news is… you don’t have to be one of them!

I’m going to show you how to sell more effectively, more naturally, and more passively, in just hours from now.
See, despite what the old pros might tell you, selling isn’t hard (and it doesn’t have to be “in your blood"). 
Truth is, when I started a career in sales 25 years ago, I was as clueless as the next gal. Yet, almost out of nowhere, I was able to:
  •  Become the top senior sales rep for a global fortune 500 company
  •  Manage over $1,000,000 in business monthly 
  •  Earn a multiple six figure income – 88% of that from commissions alone
Today, I’ve become accepted as a true expert in my field.

I’ve regained respect from the people who thought I’d never succeed.

I’ve become the envy of my closest competitors.

And I’ve even surprised myself at the kind of money I’ve made, simply by selling in a more genuine, passive, and authentic way.

I’m not saying this to brag, but to make it clear:

If a busy parent like me can succeed in sales, then you can too. 

You don’t need Hollywood charisma or good looks. You don’t even need the latest flashy technology and tools.

But what you do need is a simple, proven, bullet proof sales system that gets results.

A system that is faster, cheaper, easier and frankly, more fun than the stuffy sales systems you’ve been slaving away with in the past.
How to sell in a competitive, skeptical, overly distracted world…
Here’s the thing:
Buyers today are well-informed. Before you even approach a prospect, they already know as much about a product as you do.
  • They can fact check
  •  Read reviews 
  •  Cross reference 
  •  Price compare 
  •  Plus, they’re more skeptical than ever
  •  They've been burned by false promises and subpar products way too many times
  •  The odds are stacked against you
So how do you succeed?
Hi I'm Lark Galley

Over the past 25 years in sales, I’ve seen both sides of the coin... The adrenaline pumping highs of being in the top 10% of performers in a cut throat fortune 500 company, splashing out on vacations and fancy cars without a care in the world… … to the humiliating lows where I would struggle to put bread on the table. One thing I've learnt is... 

Whether you’re launching a business, or working as a commission-only sales rep, you need answers:

How do you outsell the competition?

How do you win over skeptical, savvy prospects?

Why are so many sales people just one bad month away from claiming welfare, when others are closing multiple sales before breakfast each day?
It’s not about working longer hours . 

After all, I’ve seen part time parents outsell seasoned pros. In fact, working harder usually has a negative impact on your success. The real secret to sales success might surprise you. It’s time to cut through the noise, lies and confusion, and finally arm yourself with a winning sales system to get the game-changing results you truly deserve. Introducing…

I’ve shed blood, sweat and tears learning this stuff the hard way, so you don’t have to...
… and distilled 25 years of “in the trenches” knowledge into 5 simple, easy to digest steps containing 7 action packed videos guiding you towards true financial freedom.
Module 1: Discover the essential yet surprising mindset hacks that will quickly become the foundation of your success:
  •  How to stay focused, day after day, year after year, no matter what happens around you.
  •  A simple way to reprogram "faulty wires" in your brain creating a mindset shift that finally takes the work out of selling, forever. 
  •  The key to closing any sale and the 7-part process to transform cold leads into red hot buyers. 
  •  The CRM System: How to keep track of your prospects so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed.
Module 2: Discover my proven process to regain confidence and control of your sales. I’ll reveal…
  • What Really Pays Me: How the six figure sales pros allocate their daily duties to double and triple their hourly rate.
  •  The Sales Funnel Guide: Turn skeptics into sales with my tried-and-true smart sales cycle. 
  •  How to Create Your Target Board: My no-nonsense system for honing in on your most likely prospects, blowing past resistance, stacking your sales, cutting hours from your week, and melting stress for good.
Module 3: The “semi passive” sales technique I use to attract prospects and have them practically selling themselves on your offer, including:
  • The simple steps that make selling easy – even if you feel like a fumbling, nervous wreck like the rest of us!
  •  How to overcome the fear of cold calling, so there’s no awkwardness or heavy resistance.
Module 4: I demystify the close and show you the easiest way I know to close the coldest, most stubborn prospects on your offer, with practically zero resistance or awkwardness. You’ll discover:
  • How to get prospects to close themselves, as if by magic!
  •  When to walk away from a potential sale, and why it matters. 
  •  The 1 sales killer, and it’s nothing to do with what you say, or even what you’re selling (and no, it’s not the color of your tie either!) 
  •  The absolute best way to think about closing sales and why it will transform your confidence faster than anything else you’ve seen 
  •  Dealing with objections: See why objections are your friend and how to use your prospect’s biggest fears and doubts to sell themselves, over and over.
Module 5: Discover the secrets to getting more done, in less time, and avoiding the career-killing “busy” trap that most sales people fall into, over and over. I’ll share:
  • Activity Time Tracker: See how you measure up in your daily activities – are you making or breaking the golden rule of every successful small business and sales person?
  •  How to create a weekly schedule that you’ll actually stick to. 
  •  Preparing for Success: The weird, little-known habit of every successful sales person I’ve ever known.
This simple selling system is one of the fastest, easiest ways to breakthrough any sales plateau

Whether you’re trying to win a promotion and get your face on the “hall of fame” in your sales office…
… or looking to consistently cut yourself big fat commissions as a freelance sales rep…
… or stay above water in your own business…
… or simply learn a new skill to win friends and influence people…
… MY SALES SUCCESS SYSTEM gives you the simple 5 steps to sell just about anything, to anyone, at any time, even if selling is “not in your blood.”
In fact, you’ll be surprised at how easy and natural selling can be, when you follow my proven process.
Designed to get real life results

This program isn’t just about sharing neat ideas to make you feel good. It’s designed to get you real life results. Results you can take to the bank.
Each module is delivered via video, and comes with a real life assignment, checklists and worksheets, to hold you accountable and keep you on track.
Plus, each video is short and sweet – no longer than 15 mins each.
I’ve tested this, and I know that’s the optimal length that training videos should be in order for you to absorb the information inside.
Besides, you and I are both busy, so I don’t waste a single second screwing around.
What’s this really worth to you?

What would an extra few sales per year, month, week, or even day mean to you?
  • A raise at your job?
  •  A boost in weekly commissions and bonuses? 
  •  A brand new car on the driveway? 
  •  Earlier retirement? 
  •  The freedom that comes from running your own successful business – a business that sells stuff like clockwork?
Whatever you aspire to be, the fact is, being great at sales is a superpower. It can truly kick open doors and set you free, if you choose.
Start today and receive these 3 rare bonuses:
If you order today, I’ll also throw in 3 exclusive bonuses that will help propel you towards sales success faster and even easier than ever, including:
Bonus 1: Image Matters
  •  Are you presenting the right image and impression with your prospects? Find out how to create an Image Audit Checklist to make sure you’re not getting screwed by stuff you can easily fix today.
Bonus 2: The Blame Game
  •  The blame mindset that destroys your success in sales, in business, and in life, and how to keep a lid on it.
Bonus 3: Managing Emotions
  •  Discover the 1 simple tool that allowed me to get a grip on my emotions and double my income 4 times in one year!