What You Need to Know to Increase Your Income and Improve Your Relationships in the Next 24 Hours!

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Five years ago, I thought I was doing all the “right” things to increase my income and have a good relationship with my husband and children. 

 Work hard, make the sales calls, and spend time with the family. Yet, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. It almost seemed that the harder I tried, the worse it got. 

I walked around so tightly wound up that my stomach felt like it was in knots. I had left corporate America to spend quality time with my family, yet our relationships didn’t seem to be improving despite the additional time we’d been spending together. And being an independent consultant was no piece of cake! 

If I didn’t close the sales, we were not going to be able to cover our bills. 

 Suddenly, my unstable childhood flashed before my eyes. That was not what I wanted for my kids!

It’s Not You… It’s Me!

When this happens, we tend to think it’s everyone else’s problem – or at least I did! Why weren’t my customers buying from me? Why wasn’t my husband connecting with me? Why weren’t my children listening to me? Why was my life so #$%@ frustrating? Why couldn’t it just be easier?

I had always been great at achieving my goals, so why couldn’t I MAKE this happen?! Fortunately for all of us, I stumbled onto some information that opened my eyes to what was creating most of my frustration – and it was something I didn’t even realize I was doing!

The One Thing That Changed Everything!

My mom suggested I attend a body language class with her. Needless to say, I did NOT think this was the answer to all my problems! I’d had some body language training before and was quite certain there was not much I could learn. 
 But in order to pacify her, I agreed to go. 

Best Decision Ever!

Pssst! I Can See What Your Body is Saying!

Over the course of the next year, I took several body language courses – even getting certified as a trainer. I learned that a majority of my problems stemmed from the disconnect between what my mouth was saying to my customers, husband, and children and what the rest of my body was saying to them! 
Because even though they might not be certified, their subconscious mind certainly understood what was being said without words. 

And the Winner Is….

Within the 24 hours following my “enlightenment” I began to incorporate what I had learned. 
I noticed an immediate change in the behavior of those I came in contact with. It certainly wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns as my teenage boy likes to say. And I often reverted to my old way of “speaking” as I struggled to implement what I was learning. Yet I found the journey fascinating.

I saw how my unconscious actions affected people’s buying decisions and how my body language was actually pushing them and money away. I realized that as a woman in business I had been taught to act a certain way – one that relied too heavily on masculine energy which did not serve me. And you can just imagine how this same “pushing away” and masculine energy was affecting me on the home front with my husband and children.

The information I learned about body language changed my life. I was able to close more business – actually doubling my income FOUR times in one year – and getting that “quality” I’d been hoping for in my time at home.  

5 Strategies to Implement in Your Business

In my Body Language Course, I teach my students the importance of doing these 5 techniques first and foremost. I promise if you implement these strategies, you will see dramatic results!

  • The hand-eye connection. How many times has someone shaken your hand while at the same time looking away? Notice the immediate disconnect? Don’t make this mistake! When shaking someone’s hand, looking into their eyes as you introduce yourself is just one of the important tips I teach. Doing so will create a deeper connection and tell them non-verbally that they are important to you.
  •  Engagement and trust. Another important aspect of the handshake is our ability to “read” the other person’s comfort level as well as his willingness to engage and trust us. We’ve been told a firm handshake is important, but is the other person gripping us too strongly? This signals their discomfort. Additionally, how closely do they allow the webbing of their hand to connect with yours? This tells you the level at which they are willing to engage with you – just two of the many handshake tips I offer. On another note, are you doing any of these things? If so, stop!
  •  Hand movement. Pay attention to what your hands are doing. I remember years ago going on a sales call with one of the operations managers. When we heard how much business the potential client had, my coworker immediately started rubbing his hands together as he thought about all the money he could make. Clearly not something you want your clients to see. Other unconscious hand motions include pushing, chopping, or punching which all signal negative connotations to the person you’re talking with. Did you know your hand movements give away your income and energy levels? Pay attention!

  •  Feet placement. When speaking are you unconsciously taking a step back from the audience? This signals your inability to handle the energy level as well as feelings of inadequacy. When speaking or presenting, stand with both your feet firmly planted on the ground. Do not move backwards and stay close to the front of the stage or group. Other important tips I cover include what our fidgeting reveals and how we can overcome it.

  •  Authenticity. We’ve been told we have to act a certain way in business. For women this might mean taking on traditional male traits – bold, firm, decisive. Yet when we act contrary to our gender more than 50% of the time, we send mixed messages to those around us. I learned that my “in-your-face” tendencies I thought were helping me connect with clients were actually scaring them – even the men! By acting in a less aggressive manner, I was able to develop a better rapport with those I contacted. Other strategies for incorporating authenticity in all areas of your life are an important component covered on a deeper level in my group mentoring sessions.

If you apply these strategies, along with the many others I teach, I guarantee you will see a massive improvement in your business and personal life. And if you’re like me, you’ll see the transformation impact both your bottom line and personal relationships!

Body Language Secrets Revealed – What Can You Expect?

  • Learn how to immediately connect with other people
  •  Find out what is scaring away potential customers so you can stop doing it
  •  Understand what your body is doing that is turning down money
  •  Get your children to (finally) listen to you
  •  Exercises on how to interpret the body language in others

For only $97!