How to find the joy and resilience you need in 48 hours even if you're completely overwhelmed, stressed, or facing an emotional crisis.
Have you caught yourself saying...
“If only he would do this, then I would be happy.” 
“She makes be so mad!”
Both of these statements are lies and a variation of what we tell ourselves every day. Blaming others for our feelings and actions can seem liberating, but the truth is until we take responsibility for our emotions, we will never be able to experience true happiness and contentment on a long term basis.

However, if you are willing to master your emotions and learn to control what is within your sphere of responsibility, you will create a life that is filled with joy. True emotional self-reliance needs no external validation to prove your self-worth. 

You are not a slave to the approval or disapproval of others nor is your life dependent on how others measure success. Emotional self-reliance allows you to create your life around what you value most."
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