Last year I attended the Rejuvenate You 3-day Women's retreat. I made some great connections that changed the direction of my life.
I even signed up to speak at the March 2024 event about finding and living your Life’s Purpose.

If you are seeking support, want to connect with your purpose, or need an emotional and energetic reset, this event is for you!

As a speaker and sponsor of the event, I can offer you a discount code: LARKGUEST2024RY. As a personal bonus from me, when you use my code I’ll be notified and will then offer you a FREE, 20-minute Money Alignment session. You must use my code in order to qualify for this free session.

I only offer these at my Money Transformation Retreats, so you’re getting a bonus that is not available to most people!

In my former Money Alignment sessions, I helped two people manifest their dream cars within 3 weeks of talking with me. I was able to help another person clearly see the ancestral stories that were holding her back from generating the income she knew she was capable of, and I guided a former $10M business owner to remove her emotional blocks and articulate her new programs earning $24k with her new launch.

I’m the Money Whisperer and can easily pick up on your greatest money block within our short conversation. Remember, to qualify for this free 20-minute Money Alignment session, you must use my code: LARKGUEST2024RY

Consider joining me at Rejuvenate You 2024! I’d love to connect.

Follow this link to learn more about the event and sign up:

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